Spaceship Kit 50% Off

Andrew hodgson render1

Ship005 2017-11-29 Timelapse

Andrew hodgson andrew hodgson camera08
Andrew hodgson render2
Andrew hodgson render3
Andrew hodgson render4
Andrew hodgson render5
Andrew hodgson andrew hodgson assemble1wire
Andrew hodgson andrew hodgson assemble3wire

50% off Black Friday Sale!
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Purchase Includes:
This Purchase includes 128 components I use on a daily basis for my own work. The geometry is NOT sub D geometry and does NOT include UVs. FBX format comes with each component grouped and named. OBJ format comes in 10 chunks that will have to be split and organized. Files come zipped.

- Does not Include the Aircraft -

Examples Of Work:
Here you can find a screen recording of how I quickly concept spaceships in 1 hour using parts from the Full Kit.

Use of Purchase:
This kit is for a SINGLE commercial License. If you wish to use for multiple people please purchase the MULTI License found here.
If used I would greatly appreciate it if it is acknowledged where the kit comes from.