Sub D topology Basics - Video

Fundamental Corner Execution

Fundamental Corner Extended

Inset Circle Fast

Inset Circle Accurate

Basic Pill Inset From Circle

Dealing With Triangles

Eliminating Poles

Redirecting Edgeloops

Repetitive Pattern Inset

Basic Piping and Flipping

Building Around Curved Cut

Basic Angled Panel

Sloped Box and Inset

Basic Pipe T

Basic Paneling Along a Surface

This is more geared towards people that just want to see my approach on different shapes and maybe pick up a trick or 2 in Maya. This stuff is all pretty basic by itself but in reality a lot of the more complex shapes are tackled with the same mindset, just on larger scales A lot of this stuff can be done with elements of things here
Usually i use hotkeys for everything but i tried to use the menus as much as i could and slow down a bit. The menus are accessed through holding
- Space bar
- ctrl + right click
- shift +right click

If anyone has any specific stuff they want to see how to tackle it, i could always add more to this post. ALso ask any questions you want, i am sure i brushed over a lot while working