Maya Modelling Tricks WIth Audio

Modelling Tricks - Curved Shapes With Creasing

Modelling Tricks - How I Do Panelling

Modelling Tricks - Select With Constraint

Modelling Tricks - To Edge Loop Tool

Modelling Tricks - Simple Piping

Modelling Tricks - Namespaces

I decided to put together a bunch of quick Miscellaneous tricks I use while Modelling from day to day. Of course there are many different ways of doing things and I might not always have the best, this is what I just currently do. I do talk pretty fast and get straight to the point so a basic understanding of Maya is needed for these. They aren't really beginner tutorials but everyone may still be able to take something away from them.

If people like this sort of stuff comment below and recommend anything else you would like me to address in future videos. We could make this a more common thing of Miscellaneous tips. If you learn anything from the videos share them around, I really appreciate it.