NEW Starship Kit

SDF1 Kit Time lapse

Black Friday is coming up and I am happy to announce the release of my NEW Starship Kit used for detailing large complex Hard Surface assets to sell scale. From 11/26 until 12/3 I will be having up to 50% Discount on my products so head over to save. Check Individual products for their Discount Codes. You can buy the New Starship Kit, The Original Spaceship Kit or the Space Bundle which contains both for 15% less (Before Black Friday Sale!)

New Starship Kit Includes:
This Purchase includes 208 components broken up in to 4 Kits. Panel, Square, Circle and Cylinder. Comes in FBX and OBJ Formats.
The geometry is NOT sub D geometry but all pieces are UV'd.

Examples Of Work:
You can find a time lapse of me using my Kit on stream here
If you wish to see me using the kit live feel free to check out my stream